After years of exploring the world with large international hotel brands and smaller boutique start-ups, Marc and Tami are a hospitality couple that are combining their shared global experiences to bring to Berlin The MATASOTA, their first sustainable boutique hotel and conference concept.

The MATASOTA is a project fuelled by their passions – sustainability, whimsical details and people, not only their guests and their community but also their associates. Having lived and worked in ten countries for over the last 20 years both together and independently they enjoy the cultural diversity, the personal uniqueness and the individual stories of the people they have had the fortunate opportunity to encounter.

Like the people with whom they have connected, Marc and Tami have a story to tell too.

Tami: World travels

Tami gradulates with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. To quench her thirst for new countries, cultures and people, she backpacks a total of 20 countries within a year.



Tami macht im kanadischen Vancouver ihren Bachelor-Abschluss an der Universität von British Columbia. Um ihren Durst nach neuen Ländern, Kulturen und Menschen zu stillen, bereist sie innerhalb eines Jahres als Backpacker insgesamt 20 Länder.

Tami: Vancouver, Canada

Impressed by the people she met and the experiences she encountered on her world tour, Tami returns to Vancouver. She first works with the NGO, the Aga Khan Foundation and then the Canadian International Development Agency and then moves to the provincial government of British Columbia as a Trade Representative.



Unter dem Eindruck der Menschen und reichen Erfahrungen, die sie auf ihrer Weltreise sammeln durfte, kehrt Tami nach Vancouver zurück. Sie arbeitet zunächst in der Entwicklungshilfe bei der „Aga Khan Foundation“ und der „Canadian International Development Agency“ und wechselt dann als Handelsbeauftragte zur Provinzregierung von British Columbia.

Tami & Marc: Santiago, Chile

Life is serrendipitous, while in Hong Kong, Marc is reacquainted with old friends from Hyatt. He simply cannot turn down the post of Executive Assistant Manager at the Grand Hyatt Santiago. Off to Chile! In 2007 and 2009, their two daughters are born.



Wie das Leben so spielt: In Honkong trifft Marc alte Bekannte von Hyatt. Den Posten als Executive Assistant Manager im Grand Hyatt Santiago kann er einfach nicht ausschlagen. Ab nach Chile. Hier werden 2007 und 2009 ihre Töchter geboren.